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Namelist "Statistical_Field_Listing"

This data set defines the statistical fields of the physical quantities that the user want to record as results of simulation.
The recording rate is defined with the variable “Field_Recording_Rate” that belongs to the namelist “Simulation_Management”.
The files of statistical fields are formatted in binary. They are named on the form res_xxxxxxx_yyyyy.d. 'yyyyy' is the subdomain number for simulations based on the MPI domain-decomposition approach, 'xxxxxxx' is the file number.
Don't forget to set the boolean data “End_of_Data_Block” at the end of the namelist. The value is “.false.” by default. A “.true.” value means the end of the data set when several namelists are used to define several records of statistical fields.


  • Type : String of six characters (maximum)
  • This data names the physical quantity to record. This name must match with the lookup table of the code which is composed of 18 pre-selected physical quantities.
  • In order to record any new statistical field, please contact the developer (yann.fraigneau@limsi.fr_to_removed).


  • Type : Boolean value
  • The record of the statistical field is activated (if .true.)


  • Type: Boolean value
  • This means the end of the data set when “.true.” is set.
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