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Namelist "Slices_Recording_Setup"

This data set is used to define the position and the orientation of a slice on which different instantaneous fields of data will be recorded.

Full data set of the namelist

      Identifier_Value=1, Normal_Direction_Index=1,
      Normal_Direction_Coordinate= 0.6 ,
      Field_Number= 2,
      List_Of_Fields= "U     " , "V     "/       


  • Type : Integer value
  • Set the ID number of the slice


  • Type : Integer value
  • Set the normal direction of the slice (I : 1 , J : 2 or K : 3)


  • Type : Real value
  • Set the position of the slice in the computational domain. The coordinate depends on the orientation of the slice.


  • Type : Integer value
  • Set the number of fields to consider.


  • Type : character string
  • Set the name of fields to record on the slice (6 characters max.). See the namelist Namelist "Instantaneous_Fields_Listing" in order to get the list of available physical quantities.
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