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Geometric series "Type 2"


The function is based on a geometric series where some of input parameters can be modified in order to attempt to keep a geometric distribution.

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Namelist :

                      Number_of_Cells= 32              ,
                      Length= 1.0                      ,
                      Left_Cell_Size= 2.0d-02          ,
                      Right_Cell_Size= 5.0d-02         ,
                      Reverse_Ordering= .false. /

Principle :

Here, the Left_Cell_Size and Right_Cell_Size are associated to the minimum and maximum cell sizes at the tips.

The cell size distribution $h(l)$ is computed by estimation of the cell ratio in regard to the length, The Minimum cell size (Left_Cell_Size), the maximum cell size (Right_Cell_Size) and the cell number (Number_of_Cells).
The procedure is recursive and different parameters can be adjusted at each step in order to find the best compromise.
It can be relevant to check the data after computing.

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